Unhooked, our shared definition gathers its multitude of parts
under the cold blue drindl of morning.
Awaken the okapi. Imagining Africa, that’s almost good enough for me.
Felt flowing along your door: a cool catechism caught
in a mindless mid-throat mumble, ‘I don’t know yet.’

The easy way out, found, then excluded, and, my God, I’m your dog,
the alternative takes us through climaxes, upsets, and oh so many celebrations..
So good, so fine, so far, so, I think I’ll put down the remote after fast-forwarding
to the best bits best seen under the half-life of splintered moonlight.

The breeze turns to wind, verging on hurricane,
smites the trees, smites the houses, smites the body inside my body.
smites the mightiness into of the mouths of The Internet.
It’s all YouTube, 9Gag, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook to me.

Rolled the pearls off our whine, make this one time forever,
I’m hurting but still standing tall.
Into the gararge, ignore the mirror,
favor returned, cracked up
to call up all our leverets, bear cubs, husky pups and
we shine and whine brighter and bigger without an audience.

Blinded, we fall into the step by step, upstairs,
break long moments up into periods
or something a little less posh.
Give me the sound of plants singing under light, under pelting raindrops,
set me up for the blindness of naiad revenge.
Water your trout, pull your plants up by the roots,
polish the sunlight and
I believe that takes care of everything.

I watch you in the spaces between the notes,
the sensitive drops, the strong strange dives.
In your lips lives a sadness I can taste along my molars.

Smaller now, then taller,
we’re moving so far past each phase.

Shouldering my way into crowds, always looking for you, never even considering
a substitute,
nothing and noone else will do,
moving constant, eyes constantly shuttering, shuffling memories and predictions,
Your face is new to me
every day,
this one
is the best, this one is a smooth lounge of emotion, of love,
the best the world has to offer
with your smile
full of sunshine.

Taking me in wracked hard, racked up, broken and sent packing.
Scent of paper, dust, and electricity.  Skin, lots of skin too.
Light, so much,
more than Sahara high noon.

I get all caught up in this
before falling



taking cover
as Joyceian passions mingle
with those thrust by Bataille
we wrap each other
in a Shakespearean embrace

flickering highlights
and salmon-colored tapestries
waving reversible in my breeze
I make a biblical sacrifice
of breath

amid fresh air
and hounded hearts
in a kaleidoscopic rhythm
I’m a salamander
strolling along
your slick wall
an infinite column of flavors
leading all the way down
to the place we started from

in dark and humid club corners
in parking lots forests and trains
in strange and familiar bedrooms

I’m gonna be your man dog
watercooler porn star collective
all wrapped up in a hot wet BANG
captain of closed captions
duke of drama dialogue
and throbbing diacritics
you’re thunder over my rain
that I’m sending into your plain
you’re the conductor of my nonstop bullet train
I’m almost at a loss that you stand to gain
we’re rocketing
from Montreal to Monterey to the moon and back
a nitro-boosted Winnebago of love baby
overtaking percentages rates and jams
giving rise to earthquakes supernovas and future plans
I’m a weapon of mass construction
and you’re Ground Zero baby
this is not a test this is not a drill
this is not code green yellow or orange
this is Judgement Day baby
I’m talking code red god-slapping lip-smacking
Armageddon Books of Revelation and Genesis baby
because in the beginning
there was us
and in the beginning
there will always be us
in the beginning
there is us
and our words and ways
are good enough
to keep it going

until we’re lying back
to the ceiling
our souls dangling
from the ceiling

and the shiver
in your whisper
is a stony

in stumbling breaths
along the gaps
between my words
and compressed into address
I declare that I am
in the consequences
of our combined efforts
to rediscover and redefine love
I am high
on our sweat and juices
as our scents combine
in the clean coniferous-bloated air

your compendious response
is clearest resonance:

“Now that’s
what I call
a fuck…”

sparring with love

we’re wasted and wandering
pondering and reflecting
rejecting our reflections
for collections of sputtering
collaborations, fluttering
celebrations, shifting
from persona to person to another
person to persona
personally, I take this
kiss that you slip
over my lips
skip into
a dipped one-two
that kicks right through the day
I’m coping and hoping
your day is better than nice
free of all the temptations
that we swear off
every morning

we’re tested and trying
flying and frying
high-fiving blue sky
ducking and diving
thriving and striving
through daylight and nightlife back to
another round of daylight
on waking I take this
kiss that slides along my lips
glide into
a snide one-two that
hooks right through the day
we’re creeping and leaping
up into the cool light
free of all the temptations
that we indulge in
every evening

Distancing (Part 2)

Looking at America
through my fractured mirror
as it lays down
its law
as it throws up
its arms

Repatriated and united
Picasso’s Young Ladies
throw wild looks of false
down my throat

Reviving dead loves
and a brand new
hand in glove
distancing you
distracting me
through glares and gestures and shoves

Falling hard for your heaven above
my hips
your hips
smothered in our
fingertips and pulsing lips
full on rocking till we
sink the ship
duck and weave and
dive and dip
into a one-way trip
on a bullet train
that just won’t quit
till you have had
than enough

Distancing (Part 1)

watching Europe
through my filthy windows
as it throws down
its bombs
as it lays down
its arms

dislocated and writhing
like Medusa’s head
creating new myths and
new Lords of the Sith
distancing ourselves
with our blood and our spit
put off by derelict quips
blasting off
to a hyperspace pitch

caught a crazy scene just before
it grew old
found a wild trail barking
open then sold
never mind words that can’t
save your soul
keep looking for worlds that won’t
swallow you whole
swallow you whole
swallow you whole


the internet is giving us

a celebration
of the end of the world
that keeps me awake
at this late hour

the impossible

the impossible

the impossible

that I send across
get lost in the glare
and crash of the party
turn around and
come back home

the internet is coughing up
immortal love songs
and I miss you every second
that you’re away


I brought you light
you accused it
of horror

I brought you fire
you abused it
into terror

I brought you the sun
you gave it just cause
for vengeance

our father spins around
your sun
as your moon spins around
our father

you pick up his smooth jaw and jagged teeth
toss them into his icy blood
for the spectacle of a single ripple

you run your hand through your hair
our mother’s dark and verdant flesh trembles
her nerves quake
and tear down cities

while you consume
and consume
riddled with numb souls and
inarticulate ramblings
with the living dead
trigger-happy and itching
for a good reason
to open fire
and launch blows
at perfect strangers

you keep looking to me for answers
knowing damn well
I don’t understand your questions

I gave you light
I gave you fire
I gave you the sun
and you squander
the bulk of it
on perpetuating ignorance
celebrating arrogance
reveling in failure
and pain
dropping distant pity
chucking cheap laughter
capturing flashes of disposable brilliance
and ensnaring yourselves in pornography

had I the gift of foresight
I would have kept you all
in the dark