Written and posted in response to Lynda Roberts’ Bookstains Poetry Challenge: Mona Lisa’s Smile

I’ve been dead so many times
that all the secrets of the grave
blur and roll and rumble
through my soft sideway stare
and impossible smile

beyond the flash and comprehension
of my fanny-packed audience
I’m not the spectacle
they think I am

just another ghost
stuck between limbo
and hell

wishing I could fade
into the cold mountains
at my back

or at least rise up
turn away
and relearn the pleasure
of strolling down
smooth winding paths
into the hard blue water
crashing along my shore


About patrickseguin

Canadian. Living in Prague, Czech Republic. Making a living in words and online marketing. Spending free time writing and learning. Feel free to get to know me better on Google+. View all posts by patrickseguin

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